Successful synthesis of a protein cluster


The research results of Professor Teruyuki Komatsu (Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering) were featured in a press release entitled Successful synthesis of a protein cluster which can carry oxygen—Expectations for clinical application as an artificial oxygen carrier (red blood cell substitute).

The realization of artificial oxygen carriers (red blood cell substitutes) as an alternative to blood transfusion liquid is a priority issue in next-generation medicine. Although a variety of pharmaceutical preparations have been developed, problems with side-effects (increased blood pressure) and effectiveness have prevented practical application. Professor Komatsu’s research developed a cluster (hemoglobin-albumin) with a clear structure that is a fusion of hemoglobin with the serum protein albumin. In addition to clarifying details of this three-dimensional structure, the research demonstrated that the obtained preparation is capable of stably carrying oxygen under physiological conditions (pH 7.4, 37℃). The preparation is attracting attention as an artificial oxygen carrier which is easy to manufacture, has no side-effects, and can be used in clinical application.

The research results were released online (April 29th, 2013) as a Just Accepted Manuscript of the Biomacromolecules journal of the American Chemical Society. The official online version will be posted on May 15th.

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Successful synthesis of a protein cluster which can carry oxygen (Press release: PDF 478kb) 
Komatsu Lab—Bioinorganic Chemistry 
American Chemical Society ACS Publications