Providing a cloud era multiplatform environment


The Korakuen IT Center has updated the environment of the laboratory, which is mainly used for Faculty of Science and Engineering education. The laboratory environment, which started operating from April 1, 2013, as a next-generation virtual desktop base has abundant scalability and is equipped with mechanisms available for large scale use, and with a combination of VERDE and the IBM Flex System based on open technology, we can now provide a comfortable and stable learning environment, as well as making large cuts in energy consumption of the system as a whole.

Currently, the number of simultaneous virtual desktop users (license numbers) stands at 750, making it the fourth example of the introduction of VERDE at this scale in the country, and the first by a university. This is also the first virtualization of Linux in Japan.

By using 250 Windows virtual desktop and 250 Linux virtual desktop licenses and continuously running the system, the time required to start up laboratory computers has been greatly reduced. Also, by using the remaining 250 licenses, we provide Linux virtual desktops to department laboratories. We also plan to provide Linux virtual desktop for students’ personal computers, limited to times outside of class hours.