Associate Professor wins Best Paper Award


 Associate professor Yoshihisa Maruyama, Faculty of Economics, has won the Best Paper Award at the EMAN-EU 2013 Conference, held at Dresden University of Technology, Germany, from March 20 (Wed) to 22 (Fri), 2013.

 EMAN, the Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network, is a renowned international society for environmental accounting. The European section, EMAN-EU, is a substantial EMAN world conference.

 The winning essay was titled Material Flow Cost Accounting for Carbon Management: Utilizing PAF Approach and because it covers proposals using a cost classification system called PAF approach in order to apply material flow cost accounting that is becoming widespread in businesses to carbon management, and was recognized for points making use of material flow cost accounting in preventive environmental preservation activities. This research was a joint research project with associate professor Akira Omori and professor Hiroyuki Yagi from Yokohama National University.