Registration for International House


New residents are being sought under the following terms and conditions.
Please apply if you approve of the establishment purposes of the international house and have an interest in international exchange.

Chuo University has been leasing a communal housing building in Tamadaira, Hino City (8- minute walk from Toyoda Station on the JR Chuo Line) as the Chuo University’s international house since March 2011. This international house brings together different languages, culture and lifestyles through daily living, and aims to foster an international way of thinking among all the students. While the building provides private units for each individual, mini kitchens and toilets are shared between 2-3 people, and the communal area of the first floor is constructed to be shared by all the residents, and is designed to be a place where Japanese students, international students, and exchange students from affiliated universities can naturally conduct exchanges with each other through daily life.

【Name】  Riento Tamadaira-no-mori Bldg. # 244 (Chuo University’s international house)

【Address】  Riento Tamadaira-no-mori Bldg. # 244 3-1-8, Tamadaira, Hino City, Tokyo
(8-minute walk from Toyoda Station on the JR Chuo Line and about 15 minutes by bus to Chuo University from Toyoda Station)

【Structure of building】  Four-story, reinforced concrete (box frame construction)

【Rooms】   3 room and kitchen share-type units (communal mini kitchen and toilet)  64 units
*Two 2 rooms and kitchen type units are available on the first floor.
Individual units (air-conditioned and furnished: bed, desk, chairs, and refrigerator)

【Shared facilities】 Lounges, kitchens, shower rooms (no tubs), laundry (with clothes dryers), toilets, bicycle stand (free), motorcycle parking space (fee charged), car park (none), shoe cupboard

【Shared equipment】 IH cooking heaters, cookware (rice cookers, microwaves etc.), TVs tableware etc.

【Application Numbers】
Japanese students = 9 (breakdown: 3 females, 6 males)
International students = 7 (breakdown: 4 females, 3 males)
*Numbers and breakdown may change depending on departure of current residents.
*Separate quota has been set for 2013 Financial Support Grant (Victims of Natural Disasters) eligible students.

【Rent etc.】
60,000 yen (monthly)=To be paid by the last day of the month prior to the month of use, and lease terms include, fee for rented unit, management fee, water, fuel and lighting expenses, internet use, as well as use of furniture and equipment required for everyday life.
*Rent differs for 2013 Financial Support Grant (Victims of Natural Disasters) eligible students.

60,000 yen = At start of tenancy only
The deposit will be held by the university and used to cover back rent and recovery of costs in the event of damage to facilities or loss of equipment in the house resulting from either the deliberate or accidental actions of the tenant. The deposit will also be used to cover cleaning related expenses and repairs to the unit on departure. The remainder will be returned after accounts have been settled.

【Term of Tenancy】
1 year from April 1, 2013 to March 20, 2014.
Tenancy can be extended by up to one year if desired by the tenant and approved by the university.

【Application Method】

1.Prospective tenants should send a Chuo University International House Application Form to the International Center Office between March 1 (Thu) and March 8 (Thu) (must arrive     by March 8 at the latest).
Applications to be sent by email only. Address:
*Applications sent outside of stated dates will not be accepted.
2.After screening of applications, telephone interviews will be conducted on March 9 (Sat), 9:30 – 17:00. Registration forms will be sent to successful candidates via post after March 11 (Mon).
3.Successful applicants must pay deposit and first month’s rent (for April entrants) by March 28 (Thu) by the method stipulated by Chuo University.
4.When making an application, please be aware that that floor, unit and group can not be requested. Unit changes after entrance is not permitted.

【Other terms and conditions】

The international house is different from other private dormitories and has various regulations. One must take extreme care not to trouble others inside the house and in the neighbourhood.

For example, loud noise is prohibited in the common lounge (non-residents must leave after 10 pm). Non-residents must not enter units. Smoking and bicycle parking are prohibited outside of designated areas. One must clean cooking utensils, tableware, shower room, and washer-dryer filters after use (they must not be taken to units). Rubbish separation and disposal (one must clean one’s own unit), and laundry hours (use is not permitted between 11 pm and 6 am). Furthermore, to ensure everybody obeys the rules, Residence Assistants (R.A) are appointed from the tenants to take the role of supporting management and life within the house. They provide support to International students and new tenants, and provide guidance on use of the common lounge etc. Furthermore, people to fill leadership roles are appointed from R.A to act as a bridge between the university and management, and ensure fulfilling lives in the house.

【House Tours】

Those wishing to view the house should click on the URL below and after reading the content, fill in the necessary items of the separate designated form, and send via fax. We anticipate many applicants. Accordingly, we provide viewings to successful Chuo University examinees, current students, and their families on a first-come-first-served basis. There are tenants in the house and it is a living space. We hope for your understanding from a security and privacy viewpoint that we usually refuse entry of outsiders.

【Enquiries】 Chuo University International Center

TEL  042-674-2211
FAX  042-674-2214

【Application Form Procurement and Viewing Application Information】

Those wishing to download an application, or those wishing to conduct a viewing of the house, please click the link below.
For views of the house exterior and communal facilities, please check the photographs in the link.
*Photographs taken in March 2011.

Information relating to 2013 applications can be found on the website below.