Chuo University Special Lecture


Chuo University special lecture Globalization and CSR was held on January 9 (Wed) at Korakuen Campus.

 In recent years, due to corporate misdoings, corporate ethics have once again come under the spotlight.
 Also, discussion regarding CSR, which has shown an increase since the turn of the century, regardless of appearing to involve various concepts and establish itself in corporate management, has many issues.
 With that in mind, we recently had University of Virginia professor emerita Patricia H. Werhane, who has long been active as a leading expert of business ethics research, talk about globalization and CSR.

 Along with the globalization of business management, issues such as sweatshop factories arise where, instead of building factories in their own country, children and women in developing countries are employed under appalling conditions, and it is also necessary to take the environment, culture and religion of the host country into consideration. There have been occasions where such issues have led to the brand-image of a company being greatly damaged.

 Professor emerita Werhane, starting with the basic ideas of business ethics required for businesses in today’s rapidly changing world, gave many examples of business successes and failures, and practically weighed on how CSR should be conducted in the future.

 After the lecture, she patiently answered the many questions that were posed from the audience.

[Sponsor] Chuo University
[Support] Japan Society for Business Ethics Study, Business Ethics Research Center
[Languages] Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation

[Professor Patricia H. Werhane brief history]
Leading American CSR researcher.
Besides being professor emerita at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, she holds positions as Wicklander Chair of Business Ethics, DePaul University and Director of the Institute for Business and Professional Ethics.
One of the founders of the Society for Business Ethics in 1979 and worked as chairperson (1980-1983), and is still active as a representative for the Society.
She has also worked as chairperson of the American Society for Values Inquiry(1987-1988), and a member of the International Society for Business (2008-2012), and is currently chairperson of the International Society for Business, Economics and Society.
Her latest research results have focused on globalization from the viewpoint of corporate governance


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