New Year’s Greetings: Tadahiko Fukuhara, Chancellor and President


I would like to respectfully offer my New Year’s greetings.

Last year, in addition to research and education, Chuo University was asked to contribute and cooperate along with Japanese society at large in order to restore the nation following our shared disaster and devastation.

Undertaking 2012 as a new beginning, Chuo made great efforts to cooperate in society. This year, 2013, we will continue to give back to society, as well as continue to enhance research and quality education, and fulfill the need for support of our students.

Last year, in July, Chuo established a new “Organization for International Initiatives” and restructured its “International Center” to meet the growing need for globalization. Chuo has also been granted Type-A Japanese Government funding, which will make possible university-wide implementation of a 2012 Project to Promote the Cultivation of Global Professionals. From this year, we will carry out this project on a broad scale in order to extend our long, proud history of “Fostering the ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice” at the global level.

At the same time we are also reflecting on last year’s experiences and recognize that some improvement is needed. With this in mind we will make every effort to preserve society’s trust and respond to society’s expectations.

This year, we would like to expand our strong networking efforts in order to achieve further development and to discover and demonstrate the innumerable possibilities and potential that we possess as a prestigious university.

I would like to offer my 2013 greetings with the hope that those who receive these words will continue to understand, support, and participate in the activities of Chuo University.

Professor Tadahiko Fukuhara
Chancellor and President
Chuo University