All-Japan Amateur Boxing Championships


The 82nd All-Japan Amateur Boxing Championships were held at the Hino City Civic Friendship Hall from November 22 (Thursday) to 25 (Sunday).
The final match of the light welterweight class saw two Chuo University students compete against each other: Kiyoshi Hattori (4th year student in the Faculty of Law) vs. Katsuya Yasuda (2nd year student in the Faculty of Commerce). Kiyoshi Hattori won the match 10 to 7 to become the champion with Katsuya Yasuda taking the runners-up spot.
Furthermore, Tatsuo Kawaura (1st year student in the Faculty of Commerce) also competed in the light flyweight class and made it to the last eight.


Light welterweight: 
   Kiyoshi Hattori (Champion)
   Katsuya Yasuda (Runner-up)
Light flyweight:  Tatsuo Kawaura (Last Eight)


Thank you everyone for all your great support.

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