University Educational Research Renovation Project


Chuo University has had one item for section A, and 1 item for section E, a total of 2 items, selected for the 2012 「Private University Educational research Revitalization Renovation Project」.

This Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology project requires private universities to exhibit human resource functions by applying the founding spirit and characteristics of the school, and aims to maintain educational research facilities that become the basis of the university in order to promote cooperation between universities, strengthen educational research that will adequately respond to expectations held by the community, initiate progress, and devise further expansion in private university educational reform.

Chuo University selected sections / selected title

【Section A:Devise a change to independent learning, engage in providing an environment for effective education that can maximize effective study for students】

・Support independent learning through a diverse co-creation environment of learning content

【Section E:Maintain facilities through cooperation with multiple universities and conduct joint-usage and educational cooperation, and provide a guarantee of quality and diversification in educational content】

・Promote transdisciplinary education as an axis for medicine-collaboration

 (This will become a cooperative project with Nippon Medical School)


Details of this project can be found on the Minsrty of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website