Student joins Ventforet Kofu


Kosuke Okanishi (4th year student in the Faculty of Law) of our soccer club has been approached to join Ventforet Kofu. Ventforet Kofu will be promoted to J1 next season and is a team gathering momentum. We hope for your continuing support.


<Kosuke Okanishi Profile>

【Birthdate】July 17, 1990 (22)
【Height / Weight】186cm / 80kg
【Background】Yao Minami Yamamoto JSC―SC Hermano Osaka―Yamanashi Gakuin High School


The soccer team is now entering the final stages of the Kanto University Soccer League. We ask for your support of our soccer team.

November 4 (Sun) 13:50~ vs Kokushikan University (Tatsunoko Field)
November 10 (Sat) 13:50~ vs Nippon Sport Science University(Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka)
November 18 (Sun) 13:50~ vs Tsukuba University (Tatsunoko Field)
November 25 (Sun) 13:50 vs Senshu University (Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka)



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