Joint Research: Ultra-sensitive Human-detecting Sensor Technology


Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (OKI), a company which conducts joint research with Professor Toshinari Kamakura (Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Management Systems), has issued a press release regarding research results. A portion of the research results were supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) A-STEP Seeds Actualization Type program and joint experiments were conducted with our university.

The research developed a sensor technology for an ultra-high sensitive human motion detector which uses microwaves. In addition to large human motion such as walking and sitting, the technology can detect small movements such as breathing. These small movements could not be detected with conventional ultraviolet sensors. As a result, not only can the technology detect whether or not a person is in the room, it can also detect whether that person is moving or resting. The technology is expected to be applied to fields such as security and nursing care for the elderly.

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