Promoting Cultivation of Global Professionals


Earlier this year Chuo University applied for Japanese Government funding as part of the 2012 Project to Promote Cultivation of Global Professionals (project period: maximum of 5 years). In September it was announced that, along with 10 other Japanese universities, Chuo has been granted Type A funding, which entails university-wide implementation. This project is being carried out under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and applications were accepted from universities across Japan. The project seeks to cultivate young professionals capable of embracing challenges and taking action on in the global arena, thus forming a foundation for increasing Japan’s industrial competitiveness and strengthening relations among nations, as well as helping younger generations to overcome their introverted mindset.

Chuo’s project is composed of a Project to Support Globalization, as well as supporting infrastructure development projects. Based on Chuo’s founding spirit of fostering young people who can put “knowledge into action,” the Project to Support Globalization seeks to cultivate those abilities needed for achievement in our increasingly global society, beginning from undergraduate studies. In order to achieve this goal, the project will work to increase the scale and quality of various learning opportunities for students. The supporting infrastructure development projects include both human and material resources, including strengthening the educational and support capabilities of faculty and staff, establishing an International Lounge where students can gather together throughout the day, regardless of nationality, race, gender and culture, and developing international dormitories that encourage interactive, communal living.

■Project overview■
In today’s society young professionals are faced with a great variety of situations that require a global perspective. This is true both in Japan and overseas. With this in mind Chuo is committed to providing society with professionals who can respond to such diversity. We are a comprehensive university with a tradition of practical education that exceeds mere superficial skills education. Therefore, the Project is structured to develop a learning/educational environment that includes globalization of our campuses, as well as implementation of various overseas study programs based on new methodologies. Furthermore, through projects that develop innovative educational methods and curricula built upon our university’s traditions, Chuo students will acquire the qualities necessary for performing in a wide variety of global environments. To this end, Chuo will put maximum effort into education and support that ensures the cultivation of international-minded students.

■Three models and project implementation■
The Chuo Project defines three types of global professionals that will be cultivated by our university:
 (1) “Global Generalists” who engage in policy-making or business through a wide range of educational and communication skills.
 (2) “Global Leaders” who handle planning and proposals for policy-making and business in global society.
 (3) “Global Specialists” who handle the subtleties and upgrading of policy-making and business through specialized knowledge.
 Based on these three paradigms, the Project will encourage all students to acquire the qualities of a global generalist. Then, based on the inherent capabilities of each student, the Project will help students cultivate the abilities of a global leader or global specialist. To achieve this goal, projects will be promoted under the auspices of a university-wide system centered on a Committee for Global Professional Education, under the direct control of the university’s President. In particular, a university-wide effort will be made to cultivate global leaders by utilizing the comprehensive strength of our university, as well as to cultivate global specialists by utilizing the traditional results of practical education refined by our university. Based on the knowledge and results gained from such efforts, we will strive to contribute to the globalization of higher education in Japan.

President Tadahiko Fukuhara
Chuo University

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