Kiyotaka Akasaka visits Korakuen Campus


President of the Foreign Press Center/Japan, Mr. Kiyotaka Akasaka, former United Nations Under-Secretary-General visited Korakuen Campus on August 21st.

Mr. Akasaka discussed the June “Rio+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development” with Professor Tadahiko Fukuhara, Chancellor and President, Professor Toshikazu Kato, Vice President, and Professor Shigenori Wakabayashi, Vice President.

“At Rio+20 sustainable development became not just a slogan, but a specific goal that people, industry, communities, and governments around the world need to tackle in the next decade or two,” Mr. Akasaka explained.

In addition he mentioned his expectations for the important role and potential of Chuo University’s program, “Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering.”

Mr. Akasaka also visited Mr. Kazunori Odaira, specially appointed professor and coordinator, and his students of the “Global Water Environmental Engineering” in the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.

“I hope every one of you understands the important role and potential of Chuo University’s program for Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering and becomes a leader of the next generation,” Mr. Akasaka said.

Students were delighted to meet Mr. Akasaka and gave the following comments: “I got motivated by his visit”; “Mr. Akasaka gets the clear picture of ‘water’ and we have strong support from him”; “(His visit) became one of the main drivers of research action in the years to come”; and, “I would like to research with clear thoughts of Asia and the world in mind.”