Players Enter the J League


On August 21, three players in the Soccer Club of Chuo University – Byongjun An (4th year student in the Faculty of Economics), Tomoki Imai (4th year student in the Faculty of Commerce) and Mitsunari Musaka (4th year student in the Faculty of Economics) – attended a press conference held in the C Square on Tama Campus and expressed their intention to enter the J League. The forward An has made the tentative decision to join Kawasaki Frontale, while the defender Imai will move to Omiya Ardija, with the midfielder Musaka going to Shimizu S-Pulse.

● Three Tense Players
The three players, who gripped their microphones against the backboard of Chuo University, had facial expressions that were somewhat tense. Musaka made an appeal saying, “I think the beginning is essential if turning professional. I hope to achieve some good results.” Imai expressed his ambitions while revealing some tough experiences. “When I was in the first year of university, I was in the B team, but I am happy that I could put my all into my playing without complaining. As a professional, I hope to defend thoroughly and also participate in offense. An showed his eagerness to score goals, saying “Kawasaki has been playing even more aggressive soccer since Mr. Kazama become manager. I would like to move well before getting the ball.”

Mr. Kishi, Soccer Club Director (Professor, Faculty of Commerce), Mr. Shirasu, the Manager and Mr. Sato, the General Manager attended the press conference. In addition to media representatives, there were also other students, fans and guardians of the players. At the end of the press conference, they also took part in the photo shoot with three players.

● News Video
The press conference is scheduled to be distributed on the Hakumon Movie site on the Chuo University website. Don’t miss it!

The Soccer Club of our university has won a total of eight championships, including winning the All-Japan University Championships in 2008. The team has won the Kanto University First Division a total of five times and the All-Japan Championships (Emperor’s Cup) two times. In the Kanto University League, the team is currently in second place with a good record in the first half of the season of seven wins, one loss and three draws. In the same way as with the three players who will enter the J League, please cheer on the Soccer Club as they aim for the top spot.


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