Electricity Usage Situation Graph: Request for Electricity Saving


Last year our university implemented various electricity saving measures based upon the electrical power circumstances that arose due to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
As a result, with cooperation from students, staff and all concerned, we were able to operate within the electricity usage limits imposed last summer.
In regards to this summer, as notified in the news on June 7, electricity saving measures will take place based upon societal electricity saving demands.

In order to gain cooperation in electricity saving, an Electricity Usage Situation Graph has been posted on our website from July 2.
The banner on the top page displays power consumption at Tama Campus in 30 minute intervals and a comparison with last year’s figures.
By clicking the banner, you can see the real time graph of electricity usage at Tama Campus in 30 minute intervals, maximum electricity usage from the previous day at Korakuen, Ichigaya and Ichigaya-Tamachi Campuses, as well as the target power consumption level.
Moreover, a graph showing monthly electricity usage in each building at Tama Campus, and a graph showing the previous day’s power consumption in 30 minute intervals at Korakuen Campus can also be viewed

These Electricity Usage Situation Graphs will be maintained throughout the year for Tama Campus and over summer (from July 2 to September 28) for Korakuen, Ichigaya and Ichigaya-Tamachi Campuses.

We ask you to be aware of the electricity usage situation and for your understanding and cooperation in saving electricity.


Click here to view the Electricity Usage Situation Graph

Click here for the June 7, Request for Electricity Saving at Chuo University this Summer