Professor, Students, and Chuo Associates win Awards


At the Ninth International Conference on Networked Sensing Systems (INSS2012) held in Belgium on June 11-14, Chuo University associates including Professor Kazunori Umeda (Faculty of Science and Engineering) won the Best Paper Award, while Assistant Professor Mihoko Niitsuma (Faculty of Science and Engineering) and 2nd year student in the Master’s Program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Sho Hiroi, received the Best Poster Award. INSS is an international conference that brings together cutting-edge research results relating to sensor research fields and wireless networks from the academic and industrial worlds. At this conference, four cases of research were awarded, with half of those being awarded to people with connections to our university.

○Best Paper Award
Recipients:Alessandro Moro (Research Assistant at the Institute of Science and Engineering until January 2012), Enzo Mumolo, Massimiliano Nolich, Kenji Terabayashi (Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering until March 2012) and Kazunori Umeda
Winning paper:Real-Time Background Modeling Based on Classified Dynamic Objects for Human Robot Application

○Best Poster Award
Recipients:Sho Hiroi and Mihoko Niitsuma
Winning poster:Building a Map including Moving Objects for Mobile Robot Navigation in Living Environments

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INSS 2012 

Intelligent Sensing System Laboratory, Umeda Lab 

Human-System Laboratory, Niitsuma Lab