Graduate appointed Chairperson of Japan Federation of Bar Associations


On May 9th, 2012, Chuo University graduate Kenji Yamagishi (graduated from Faculty of Law in 1970) was appointed as Chairperson of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations. Other Chuo graduates appointed as Chairperson of the association in the past were Tatsuya Dono (1974) and Saburo Abe (1992-1993).

Last month, Chuo graduate Yoshinobu Onuki (graduated from Faculty of Law in 1971, completed the Graduate School of Law in 1973) was appointed to the Supreme Court justice. As a result, 3 of the 15 current Supreme Court judges are now Chuo graduates. Chuo University has produced a total of 14 judges since the Supreme Court was established in 1947.

Also, Haruo Kasama (graduated from Faculty of Law in 1970), former Superintending Prosecutor of the Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office, was appointed as the 26th Public Prosecutor General in December 2010 and currently holds the position.

A large number of Chuo graduates are active on the front line of the legal field as judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Please visit the links below for more details.


Chuo graduate (Mr. Yoshinobu Onuki) appointed as Supreme Court justice

Chuo graduate (Mr. Haruo Kasama) appointed as 26th Public Prosecutor General

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