Response Guidelines for Earthquakes


Our university is preparing responses to a major earthquake in order to insure the safety of students, faculty, staff and all people present on our campus at the time of a disaster, as well as to improve the safety of university facilities.

As part of these efforts, we have created an Initial Response Card for Major Earthquakes (for undergraduate/graduate students). This pocket-size manual lists first response items and will be useful to students in the event of a major earthquake.

The card can be viewed from mobile phones and personal computers. It can also be printed from computers. Furthermore, an English version has been created for foreign exchange students. Students will be able to behave calmly in the event of a major earthquake by constantly carrying this card in their wallet or bag, by bookmarking the screen in advance on their mobile phones and by sharing the card with their families.

We plan to announce and distribute the cards to current students during guidance events for the new school year. New students will receive an explanation and be issued with a card during orientation week in early April.
*After distribution through guidance events, we plan to distribute the cards at offices in all undergraduate faculty and graduate school.

We hope that students will increase their consciousness towards disaster-preparedness and will use the Initial Response Card for Major Earthquakes in order to take the initiative in ensuring their own safety and lives in the event of a disaster.

Chuo University will continue to make preparations for safety from the perspective of disaster-preparedness and disaster mitigation.

April 4th, 2012
Chuo University


Computer printable version of the Initial Response Card for Major Earthquakes (for undergraduate/graduate students)