Guests from University of Shanghai for Science and Technology visit Korakuen Campus


56 people (45 students) from one of our partner schools, the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, visited Fukushima and the Tohoku district on February 26th, where they participated in volunteer services and met with local people living in temporary housing.

On February 29 the guests visited Chuo’s Science and Technology Faculty for a tour of the Faculty’s Korakuen Campus research laboratories and an opportunity for students from both universities to meet and talk.

The tour was organized in October of last year by Mr. He Wei-ming, director of the Japanese Cultural Exchange Center at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.  He graduated from Chuo University Graduate School of Science and Engineering and has served as a fixed-term assistant Professor at Chuo University.

Mr. He Wei-ming organized this tour as a way of returning some of the kindness that he has received from friends and colleagues in Japan. He is eager for his students to visit Japanese universities, especially his alma mater, Chuo University, and his enthusiasm made this tour a reality.