Professor receives Shinobu Shirakawa Award


Professor Hiroshi Tanaka of the Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management will receive the Shinobu Shirakawa Award—Special Achievement Award from the Tokyo Advertising Association.

 (Reason for award)

As a leader of brand strategy theory in Japan, Professor Tanaka conducts a variety of international activities such as academic presentations at international academic conferences. Also, during the past 5 years, Professor Tanaka has greatly contributed to the activities of the Tokyo Advertising Association by serving as a director. He has also been responsible for setting discussion themes and selecting panel members for panel discussions held by the Advertising Issues Research Group of the association.

As a result of Professor Tanaka’s efforts and contributions, a Special Achievement Award will be created and presented to him.

The award will be conferred at the 84th Tokyo Advertising Association Annual Meeting to be held at the Tokyo Kaikan in Marunouchi on February 23rd, 2012.


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