Manabi no Kairo Programs Released on iTunesU


Chuo University held its first video production contest TSUKURU×TSUTAERU: Manabi no Kairo (Corridor of Learning), a project in which students produced videos of mock lessons by university teaching staff while also calling on participants from the local community. We would like to announce that all six entries have been uploaded on iTunesU.

【Themes taken up in the Law Faculty mock lessons】

Lecturer Theme
Nobufumi Nishimura: Law learnt at university and Law for surviving in a competitive society
Hiroko Kudo: What is the role of government?
Shigeki Yanagawa: What is the study of law at a university like?
Maki Nishiumi: The Great East Japan Earthquake and international law
Kenichiro Endo: Our society and contract law-Combining the analyses of self-recommendation entrance exams and lecture comprehension exams (analysis of last year’s examinations)-
Hideo Nakazawa: Does Political Science relate to politics?

The participating teams are given below, and the evaluation committee meeting held on September 30 awarded the President’s Award (Excellence Award) to Team Taku Muramatsu.(All six participating teams received valuable feedback with all videos being able to be viewed on iTunesU from today!)

【Participating Teams】※ Entry Order:Team Name(Representative)
1.Hachioji Video Club (Tomio Sugawara)
2.60th Broadcasting Society (Yosuke Tabata)
3.Movie Society A (Hiroki Kato)
4.kⅡ Project (Yuto Kato)
5.Team Taku Muramatsu (Taku Muramatsu)
6.for All (Chisato Mochizuki)

The winning team, Team Taku Muramatsu, is currently producing what is scheduled to be a 50-minute video of a lecture by Faculty of Law Dean Hashimoto on the theme What do you learn at the Faculty of Law? This video will be added to iTunesU upon its completion.


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TSUKURU×TSUTAERU:Manabi no Kairo (Corridor of Learning)