Professor Helps Restore Hibiya Liberty Bell


Professor Takeshi Toi (Department of Precision Mechanics, Faculty of Science and Engineering) cooperated in manufacturing of the Hibiya Park Liberty Bell, which was restored in October 2011.

The Liberty Bell (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) was originally established in Hibiya Park as a gift from American citizen volunteers to commemorate the issuance of the pacifist Constitution after the end of WWII. However, the bell had become unable to ring due to deterioration from aging.

In response, volunteers collected donations and conducted repairs. The bell regained its original sound, and an inaugural ringing ceremony was held on October 1st.

During the repair process, Professor Takeshi Toi and the Toi Laboratory supervised acoustic analysis.

Professor Takeshi Toi supervises the Toi Laboratory (Acoustic System Laboratory) in the Department of Precision Mechanics. The laboratory conducts various research related to sound.

In particular, Professor Toi and his laboratory have published numerous research results regard the design harmonious sounds which are pleasant to the human ear.


Link: Hibiya Park

Link: Department of Precision Mechanics, Toi Laboratory (Acoustic System Laboratory)