Professor Wins the 5th Special Book Awards of China

Yutori Iizuka, Professor in the Faculty of Letters, has won the 5th Special Book Awards of China.
Professor Iizuka specializes in Chinese contemporary literature and theater. He has made a lot of achievements as a writer of academic research and as a translator of novels and plays.
The Special Book Awards of China that has now been awarded to Professor Iizuka was established in 2005 by the General Administration of Press and Publication in China. This award is given to foreign writers, translators and publishers that have achieved great results in the fields of translation and publication of Chinese books and cultural exchange.
In 2011, the fifth year of these awards, the five winners from countries all around the world were announced at the end of June.
So far, 27 people in total have received this award, but Professor Iizuka is the first Japanese person to win. An award ceremony was held in the China National Grand Theater in Beijing on August 30.