Ehlers receives Honorary Doctorate

Group photo with Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers
From left: Acting Chancellor Tohyama, Professor Dr. Ehlers, President FukuharaFrom left: Acting Chancellor Tohyama, Professor Dr. Ehlers, President Fukuhara
Chuo University is pleased to announce the Honorary Doctorate Degree conferral to Dr. D. Ehlers, Professor of Law at University of Munster, on Thursday, May 8, 2014.
Chuo has conferred 13 honorary doctorate degrees so far, after the conferral of Mr. Rachmat Gobel.

The ceremony took place at Room 1410 at Chuo Tama Campus, joined by 70 people including the Acting Chancellor, President, and faculty.
A special lecture by Professor Dr. Ehlers was given before the ceremony, on the topic “The Relation and Development of the National and Government Communities.” Students who participated asked questions in German.

After speeches by Acting Chancellor Tohyama and President Fukuhara, Professor Dr. Ehlers received the diploma and academic gown. Professor Ehlers commented how “the conferral has become a crucial momentum to (his) academic career in learning about Japan and Law in Japan,” and expressed appreciation to the audience.

The ceremony was followed by a reception where Dean of Law Faculty Yasuyo Nakajima gave a toast, and Professor of Law Mitsuhiro Matsubara, who coordinated the special lecture, gave a speech.
In the end, Professor of Law Koresuke Yamauchi, who initially organized the exchange with University of Munster, gave a closing speech.

Curriculum Vitae

18.05.1945:                                 Born in Flensburg, Germany
                                       Parents: Studiendirektor Max Ehlers; Hildegard Ehlers, née Dreessen; one sister (born 1943)
Citizenship:                                German/Swiss
1952 – 1965:                               School education
                                       Gymnasium in Lübeck (Katharineum)
Graduation:                                Abitur
1965 – 1970:                               Law student at the University of Kiel and Freiburg
12.02.1970:                                 First state examination (higher Regional Court in Schleswig)
1970 – 1974:                               Legal training at different courts, administrative agencies, prosecuting attorneys and law firms
                                       in Schleswig-Holstein and Baden-Württemberg
                                       Supplementary studies of Social Sciences at the University of Konstanz
                                       Assistant at the University of Konstanz
07.11.1973:                                 Obtaining the degree of a doctor of Jurisprudence
12.12.1974:                                 Second state examination (Ministry of Justice, Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart)
1975 – 1982:                               Assistant at the Law School of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg (Bayern)
1981 – 1982:                               Reader at the University of Hannover (proposed for the appointment of a law professor)
02.12.1981:                                 Habilitation at the Law Faculty of the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
01.10.1982:                                 Appointment as a professor of law, University of Münster (Nordrhein-Westfalen),
                                       tenure position
1987:                                           Offer for a chair at the University of Vienna
01.03.1987:                                 Obtaining a chair at the University of Münster
                                       Director of the Institute for Public Trade Law
1989:                                           Director of the Research Centre for Insurance Law
1989 – 1996:                               Part time judge at the higher Regional Court for Administrative Law in Münster
March 1992 – August 1992:     Researching at the University of Iowa, USA
1992-2012                                   Personal Tutor of the German National Academic Foundation
1993-2006:                                  Vice Chairman of the Department of State Examinations (Higher Regional Court in Hamm)
1994-2012:                                  Chairman of the advisory board of the European Forum for External Trade, Excise and Customs
1994 – 1996:                               Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Münster
March, April 1996:                    Visiting professor at the Chuo-University, Tokyo
Since 1996:                                 Member of the Committee of the Church of Westfalen
1997-2001:                                  Member of the Committee of the Landwirtschaftskammer Westfalen-Lippe
February – March 1997:            Researching at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London
Summer 1997:                            Offer of a Chair of the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
                                       Offer of a Chair of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University München
Since 1998:                                 Head of the Center for External Trade Law
1999-2001:                                  Joint-editor of the law journal JURA
August, September 2000:         Visiting professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, USA
2002-2003:                                  State University Rjazan (Creation of a Research Centre for European law and European Politics)
Since January 2003:                  Advisory board of the law journal “Nordrhein-Westfälische Verwaltungsblätter”
May 2003:                                  Seminar on WTO-law at the World Trade Organization, together with Mr Ehring, Professor
                                       Epping and Professor Wolffgang
April 2005:                                 Visiting professor at the University of Niigata
2009:                                           Foreign Honorary Fellow Korea Research Institute for Lokal Administration (KRILA)
Since 2009                                  Member of the board of the German Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy
                                       and Good Governance
2010-2012:                                  President of the Vereinigung der Deutschen Staatsrechtslehrer
August 2013                              Retirement
September 2013                         Head of the Center for Public Economic Law
                                                    Various Symposiums and lectures in:
                                                    Austria (Vienna)
                                                    China (Beijing, China University of Political Science and Law)
                                                    France (Ecole Nationale d’Administration)
                                                    Greece (University of Athens)
                                                    Russia (Academic Law University, Moscow, Institute of State and Law of the Academy
                                       of Sciences)
                                                    Serbia (University of Novi Sad)
                                                    Taiwan (Taipei)
                                                    Thailand (Bangkok)
2014      Honorary Doctorate Degree, Chuo-University Tokyo
Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers giving a special lecture
Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers and the class
Beginning of the ceremony
Conferral ceremony for Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers
Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers wearing the academic
Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers
President Fukuhara giving a speech
Acting Chancellor Tohyama congratulates
Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers
Dean of Law Faculty Nakajima gives a toast
Professor of Law Mitsuhiro Matsubara gives a speech
Professor of Law Koresuke Yamauchi gives a closing speech
Professor Ingo Saenger, Dean of Law Faculty, University of Munster