Stirling guests visit Chuo

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, University of Stirling Principal and Vice Chancellor, Professor Gerry McCormac, and Director of Development and External Affairs, Kerry Bryson, visited Chuo University’s Tama Campus together with University of Stirling Honorary Lecturer, Taeko Seki, who is the first Japanese graduate of the University of Stirling.
Chuo’s Vice President, Shigenori Wakabayashi, Chuo’s Executive Regent and Director of the Chuo International Center, Masahiko Omura, and Associate Director of the Chuo International Center, Stephen Hesse, welcomed the guests and discussed how to strengthen ties between the two universities, initially focusing on establishing a student exchange program.
The University of Stirling, located in Scotland, plans to open an English Language Center in September 2017. Principal McCormac mentioned in the meeting that the University of Stirling aims to further strengthen its international exchange programs, and especially focus on keeping its friendship with Japan among other Asian nations. In response, Chuo Vice President Wakabayashi proposed creating a sports exchange program that leverages the strengths of both universities. Both parties also discussed the possibility of establishing a double-degree exchange program.
In addition, there are many students in Scotland who wish to study about Japan and the Japanese language with the help of popular manga culture. There are also many expat Japanese families in Stirling whose children go to Japanese schools in the area. At the university, there are cultural workshops and events organized to expose the students for a better understanding about Japan.
After the meeting, Chuo President Fukuhara joined the guests for lunch, during which all the participants agreed to continue developing mutual friendship while moving forward with plans for various future exchange opportunities.