EMBA Top Manager Team in Chuo

EMBA members from National Chung Hsing University
The EMBA Top Manager Team from the National Chung Hsing University, on a tour to Japanese businesses as a part of the program, visited Chuo Tama Campus on April 15.
The 25 EMBA students included CEOs and business leaders from Taiwanese companies, who visited Japanese companies followed by a lecture by Dean Yoji Taniguchi of the Faculty of Economics at Chuo.
The purpose of the program was to research on the global development and business efficiency of selected companies which boast a competitive advantage on maximizing investment return rate. The group actively participated in the Q&A sessions after visiting President & COO of Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ryuichi Isaka and the Yokohama site manager of Nissan Motors, Nobuhiro Ozawa. Taking from this experience, the program focused on the business acumen and product innovation of these companies, allowing an opportunity to compare against their own company ethics and managerial experiences to put to practice in their businesses in the future.
President Tadahiko Fukuhara gave a welcoming speech and introduced Chuo University’s focus on practical education based on the university motto “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice.” Next, Dean Taniguchi of the Faculty of Economics welcomed the guests in fluent Chinese, followed by speeches by Professor Nobuyoshi Torii and Professor Itaru Kitazawa of the Faculty of Economics.
During Dean Taniguchi’s lecture, the students took notes on the current Japanese economics including stock trends and Abenomics, as well as the Bank of Japan policy and the new tax reform which took into effect from April.
Chuo University will continue to welcome guests from around the globe who visit us to learn about Japan.
The classroom
President Fukuhara and Dean Taniguchi of
the Faculty of Economics
President Fukuhara welcoming the guests
Professor Torii of the Faculty of Economics
Professor Kitazawa of the Faculty
of Economics
Dean Taniguchi of the Faculty of Economics giving a lecture