Say No to Drugs Campaign


In response to a past incident involving marijuana, Chuo University has sought to fulfill our social responsibility in preventing drug abuse and our responsibility to educate students about the perils of drug use. To realize this goal, we established a Council to Prevent Abuse of Marijuana and Other Drugs within our university and have conducted integrated university-wide activities to raise awareness towards drug use.

We want all students to know that drug abuse not only harms the user, but also brings unhappiness to your family and all of society. Furthermore, in the case of designer drugs which circumvent the law, it is unclear what kinds of substances are contained. Some of these extremely dangerous drugs contain substances which are very harmful to the human body. Never use such drugs.

Campaign Period

July 15 (Tue) - August 1 (Fri)

During this period there will be:

  • lectures relating to the prevention of drugs
  • announcement of drug awareness survey
  • display of government drug awareness posters
  • display of drug awareness panel at Building No. 3 Tama Campus
  • distribution of government drug awareness brochures to the university clubs and circles
  • distribution of government drug awareness leaflets to international students
  • distribution of government drug awareness leaflets to students studying abroad
  • raising awareness through university website (Chuo University Health Center)
  • screening of drug prevention DVD
  • on-campus announcements relating to prevention of drug abuse
Students who have any concerns regarding drug use should contact the Student Counseling Office or the Health Center.
We give first priority to your health and safety, and will introduce the appropriate medical institution.

Chuo University Health Center
Contact: Tel 042-674-2756