Xiamen Students Science Exchange

For the first round of entries of the “Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science” (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science) organized by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Chuo University was selected among 316 institutions that applied nationwide, to accept 10 undergraduate and graduate students from Xiamen University in China.
There will be various exchange events held from August 31 to September 7, taking place mainly in Korakuen Campus (Faculty of Science and Engineering/ Graduate School of Science and Engineering).
The “Japan-Asia Youth Exchange Program in Science” (SAKURA Exchange Program in Science) is a program for enhancing exchanges between Asia and Japan of the youths who will play a crucial role in the future field of science and technology through the close collaboration of industry-academia-government by facilitating short-term visits of competent Asian youths to Japan. This program aims at raising the interest of Asian youths toward the leading Japanese science and technologies at Japanese universities, research institutions and private companies.

Type of Exchange: Course A (Exchange in science and technology)

Participating from: Xiamen University (China)
Schedule: August 31 – September 7, 2014
In this course, various research activities will be arranged by the Faculty of Science and Engineering and the Graduate School of Science and Engineering for students participating from Xiamen University, which is one of Chuo’s international partner institutions. Xiamen students will be invited to attend special lectures and visit research laboratories including external organizations. This program is aimed to raise the interest toward the research activities at Japanese universities, and leading Japanese technologies.   
See the link to JST “SAKURA Exchange Program in Science”