Chuo Opens First International Office in Hawaii

As part of The Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2012, Chuo University signed a contract in December of 2013 with University of Hawaii at Manoa in order to establish our international site located in University of Hawaii at Manoa.  

After winning the special government funding for The Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development, University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM) became the first university that Chuo signed a university wide-agreement with. UHM is a focal institution representing the Hawaii state university system. There are 20,000 students who are studying in the large campus located near Honolulu city. In the U.S., UHM boasts top-ranks in areas such as astronomy, oceanology, biotechnology and education of foreign languages. It is also well-known in Asia Pacific studies and ocean research, and also features fields of studies incorporating the traditional Hawaiian geographical and cultural background.

Chuo’s international site was established in the East West Center located in the campus of University of Hawaii at Manoa. The center is globally famous as a research and education institution which was established in 1970, in order to strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the United States and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.

With a continued focus on globalization and the Pacific Rim, Chuo will immensely benefit from its new international office. The University of Hawaii at Manoa and the East West Center are international and multicultural sites where students and researchers gather from all over the world. Located in the center of the Pacific Rim, Chuo will expand its possibilities to connect with more countries of the world. In March 2014, there will be an opening ceremony and other events held to commemorate the establishment of the new office.

Exchange programs have begun in fall 2013 between UHM and Chuo. In February 2014, we plan to implement a custom-made Study Abroad Program composed of language training and lectures rich in regional flavor organized by the International Center at Chuo University. Studying the history of Japanese ancestry deeply rooted in Hawaii is a great opportunity to learn our Japanese identity. Additionally, there is are exchange programs underway for both the Faculty of Science and Engineering, and the Faculty of Policy Studies.

The Chuo University Pacific Office will become a key to promote its operation throughout the Pacific Rim in the future.