Hakone Ekiden 2015

Chuo University ran in the 91st Hakone Ekiden held from January 2nd to the 3rd, placing 10th en route to Hakone (107.5km), 19th return trip to Otemachi (109.6km), resulting in 19th place overall.
The Hakone Ekiden is a college long-distance round-trip road relay race between Tokyo to Hakone.

Thank you for the warm support from everyone who cheered for the track team. The team will strive to meet higher expectations next year. 
Otemachi – Hakone Route
Block 1 Taiga Machizawa (2nd year Faculty of Law) 1hr. 2min. 41sec. (10th place)
Block 2 Shota Shinjo (4th year Faculty of Law) 1hr. 8min. 55sec. (9th place)
Block 3 Hiroyuki Fujii (3rd year Faculty of Economics) 1hr. 5min. 43sec. (15th place)
Block 4 Shuhei Suzuki (2nd year Faculty of Law) 56min. 52sec. (13th place)
Block 5 Masahiro Kotani (3rd year Faculty of Economics) 1hr. 21min. 14sec. (7th place)
Block 1 Machizawa
Block 2 Shinjo
Block 3 Fujii
Block 4 Suzuki
Block 5 Kotani
Hakone – Otemachi Route
Block 6 Takumi Tanimoto (2nd year Faculty of Economics) 59min. 53sec. (6th place)
Block 7 Sho Tokunaga (3rd year Faculty of Economics) 1hr. 4min. 44min. (8th place)
Block 8 Hidenori Nagai (4th year Faculty of Law) 1hr. 5min. 47sec. (3rd place)
Block 9 Keisuke Matsubara (3rd year Faculty of Letters) 1hr. 12min. 13sec. (18th place)
Block 10 Kaname Tada (4th year Faculty of Economics) 1hr. 22min. 49sec. (20th place)

Block 6 Tanimoto
Block 7 Tokunaga
Block 8 Nagai
Block 9 Matsubara
Block 10 Tada
The Chuo cheering squad
Results by route:
Otemachi – Hakone: 5hr. 35min. 25sec. (10th place)
Hakone – Otemachi: 5hr. 45min. 26sec. (19th place)
Roundtrip: 11hr. 20min. 51sec. (19th place)