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Chuo's Thai office opening

On March 21, 2015, the Opening Ceremony and Symposium for the Chuo-Thammasat Collaboration Center (Chuo University Thailand Office) was held at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand.
The opening of the Chuo-Thammasat Collaboration Center is followed by an agreement signed by the two institutions in December 2014. The ceremony was held to commemorate the opening of the Chuo University Thailand Office located in the Faculty of Law at Tha Pra Chan Campus, Thammasat University.
Chuo has been interacting and sharing various exchanges with Thailand from the past. The opening of the new office will not only deepen Chuo’s ties with Thammasat, but will continue to build a strong relationship with other institutions in Thailand. We look forward to further developing cooperative activities in education, research, and CSR, centering on the Thai office as the second overseas hub at Chuo.

The schedule for the Opening Ceremony and Symposium

Date & Time: March 21, 2015 (Sat), 11:00 am 
Place:            Faculty of Law, Thammasat University Tha Pra Chan Campus, Bangkok, Thailand (2 Prachan Road, Bangkok 10200, Thailand)
Details:         11:00  Opening speeches and ribbon-cutting ceremony
           12:00  Reception
          13:15  Symposium: “Education and Global Human Development: Where to From Here” (English)
Part 1:         Presentations by Chuo and Thammasat students
Part 2:         Panel Discussion with Chuo and Thammasat faculty members and guest speakers
           16:00  Symposium concludes
See Agenda for the Opening Ceremony and Symposium (PDF)

here about the opening ceremony published in the Bangkok Post (PDF)

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