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Hanoi's President of NEU at Chuo

from left: Chuo's Vice President Takeishi, NEU's President Dat,
Chuo's President Sakai, NEU's International Exchange Center Director Hoang

Dr. Tran Tho Dat, President of National Economics University (NEU) of Hanoi, Vietnam, and Pham Truong Hoang, Director of International Exchange Center of NEU visited Chuo’s Tama Campus on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. The guests met with Stephen Hesse, Assistant Director of Chuo’s International Center, and after touring the Central Library, they were welcomed by Chuo’s Chancellor and President Shozaburo Sakai.
Chuo University signed a partnership agreement with National Economics University in 2004, and opened the Greater Mekong Project International Symposium in Hanoi in August 2010. The symposium, which was held in commemoration for the 125th anniversary of Chuo’s foundation, was held at NEU and Foreign Trade University (FTU) simultaneously. Afterwards in December 2011, Chuo invited delegates from NEU in turn to express appreciation for the symposium. In October 2012, Chuo visited NEU during the Presidents’ Meeting of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Asian Region held in Hanoi. In July 2103, Chuo visited NEU for the promotion of the Re-Inventing Japan Project, and has continued to actively engage in information exchanges.

Chuo’s Chancellor and President Sakai, together with Chuo’s Vice President and Director of International Center Chikako Takeishi, expressed gratitude towards the International Symposium held at NEU in August 2012. Following the greeting, President Sakai mentioned the many exchange activities held between the two institutions in the past. NEU President Dat, who have been closely connected to Chuo and exchanges in research as Vice President and Special Advisor to International Exchange in the past, agreed to further develop the exchanges between the institutions in the future.