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192-0393 Japan

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Japanese Culture Day

Tomoya Sato (3rd year Law), G Square staff
Japanese Culture Day was held on Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at Chuo University’s Tama Campus G Square. Many international students attended to experience calligraphy, origami, and traditional card games “menko”.
The event was organized by G Square, and supported by Chuo’s calligraphy club and Sputnik, Chuo’s cultural exchange club.
G Square staff Tomoya Sato (3rd year Law) mentioned how they decided to organize this event for the second time, following last year. “The calligraphy experience was a big hit last year, so we wanted to do that again, and add more Japanese culture such as the traditional karuta card game and origami.”

At Chuo’s G Square, various events and seminars are organized to promote cultural exchange, including the Language Lab, where study groups are held in English, Chinese, German, and other languages.
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menko card game
karuta card game
calligraphy "shodo"
calligraphy "shodo"
making a wish for the Tanabata star festival
making a wish for the Tanabata star festival