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​Kimono experience

On November 20, exchange students at Chuo University participated in an event to wear the kimono at the Tama Campus C Square. Organized by Chuo’s International Center as one of the programs to experience Japanese culture, there were 15 students participating from 10 countries and regions including Singapore, China, France, and Australia.
The volunteer group Kimono Kitsuke-tai helped with the kimono styling, led by Chikako Katsura, head of the 2014 West Tokyo Parents Liaison Association and 2015 Board of the PLA, also a Japanese teacher. The group is known for their volunteer activities in universities providing a cultural experience for their exchange students.
The exchange students were excited with their new look. Many were fascinated by the way the obi was made. The Hakumon Herald, Chuo’s English newspaper, attended to interview the students (article to be published in December 2015), and the photography club took pictures.