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  • The Nymph of Membranes Will Save Water Infrastructure in the Future!?

    The Nymph of Membranes Will Save Water Infrastructure in the Future!?

    Hiroshi Yamamura
    Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Science and Engineering for Sustainable Society, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
    Areas of Specialization: Environmental Technologies and Materials, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems


Exchange students visit elementary


On February 9, international students studying at Chuo University visited Hino city's Dai-hachi Elementary School and met with the 5th and 6th grade classes. The event was organized by the elementary school to deveolp overseas interest for the children through interaction with Chuo's exchange students. 

The 17 exchange students who visited the elementary school came from 10 different countries and regions including Singapore, Germany, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Denmark. There were 4 Japanese students who also participated, who are currently staying at the Tamadaira International Residence. 4 to 5 Chuo students were assigned to each class, beginning with a self-introduction and explanation about their country. Later, they learned how to play with traditional Japanese games such as kendama and ayatori. The exchange students also showed children how to play games that are popular in their country. The game session was followed by school lunch with the 6th graders.

After the event, exchange students mentioned how much fun they had with the cheerful children, and were surprised at how some children were able to speak English well. Other comments included "lunch was good" and "finding many differences from school at home."
It was a special day for the exchange students networking with the local community outside of campus.