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  • The Nymph of Membranes Will Save Water Infrastructure in the Future!?

    The Nymph of Membranes Will Save Water Infrastructure in the Future!?

    Hiroshi Yamamura
    Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Science and Engineering for Sustainable Society, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University
    Areas of Specialization: Environmental Technologies and Materials, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems


Nakamura research for JAXA Space Hub


The studies by Professor Taro Nakamura of Chuo’s Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Precision Mechanics) and Associate Professor Yasuyuki Yamada of the Research and Development Initiative were adopted as solution and idea types for “Open Innovation Hub for Expanding Humanosphere and Domain of Human Activity through Solar System Frontier Development,” for which Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) conducted the Request for Proposal (RFP).

At the Biomechatronics Laboratory of Dept. of Precision Mechanics led by Professor Taro Nakamura, researchers are developing robots imitating creatures, such as “a snail robot,” which can climb a building wall, and “a water strider robot,” which can work in an amphibious manner. 
If you are interested in “robots imitating creatures” or the research activities of Professor Taro Nakamura, see the website of the laboratory.

Solution type
Research title: Discussion on the development and practical application of a fluid smart actuator system for actualizing ultrahigh power density
Adopted by: Meiji Rubber & Chemical Co., Ltd. and Chuo University
Proposed by: Takashi Terashima (Meiji Rubber & Chemical) and Taro Nakamura

Idea type
Research title: A compact insect robot for exploring underground and surface areas
Adopted by: Chuo University 
Proposed by: Taro Nakamura and Yasuyuki Yamada

Link: Regarding the results of the RFP in 2015 

Link: JAXA Space Exploration Innovation Hub 

Link: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency

Link: Biomechatronics Laboratory