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Chuo-NTU Economics Meet


26 Students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore visited Chuo University’s Tama Campus on May 11 and had a friendly meeting and exchange event with 38 students from Chuo’s Faculty of Economics. The students from NTU, studying Japanese economics, toured around universities and companies during their stay. NTU and Chuo have signed a partnership agreement in 2011, and have built close ties with each other through various exchange events, including Chuo’ s Faculty of Economics Professor Kazuo Matsumaru and his research team visiting NTU this March.
During NTU’s visit to Chuo, students in research groups of Dean Masahiro Shinohara, Professor Matsumaru, and Professor Fumihiro Sato of Chuo’s Faculty of Economics gave English presentations on the topic of economics in Singapore and Japan. The exchange session was called Chuo-NTU Singapore Economics Meet 2016, and the participating students promised to further deepen their ties.

Campus Tour

After arriving at Tama Campus, Chuo students guided the NTU students to the university cafeteria in three groups and toured around the campus. Some students knew each other from two months ago when Chuo visited NTU in March, and they were excited to meet again.


Chuo's Faculty of Economics Dean Shinohara
During the presentation session, three groups from both universities spoke about their research topic within the given time of 15 minutes. Dean Shinohara’s research students became facilitators. Presentations were followed by Q&A sessions, where each group gave explanations using power point and additional data. The presentations, which focused on economy in the two countries, helped the students to learn differences between their cultures. 
Presentation 1:
“Global Human Resource Development - Comparison of Japanese
system with Singaporean system-“
By Mr. Sachiya Iinuma, Ms.Mizuho Kanai, Ms.Mizuki Meguro,
Chuo's Professor Matsumaru research team
Presentation 2:
"Environmental Goods Agreement
Liberalising Trade in Environmental Goods and Services"
By Mr.He Jiang Tan, Mr.Yifeng Lin, Mr.Jin Chen, NTU
Presentation 3:
“The Trend of BPO in Vietnam“
By Mr.Takumi Obata, Ms. Aya Nakao, Mr.Yuya Masuda, Mr.Anh
Thai Le, Mr.Ryo Atarashi, Mr. Shuhei Yamazaki, Chuo's Professor
Sato research team
Presentation 4:
"Sustainability of transport connectivity in Asia via seamless
By Ms.Jesselyn Wijaya, Ms.Tan Mei Yee, NTU
Presentation 5:
“Consumption Tax in Japan:Should Japan introduce reduced
tax rate system?”
By Ms.Momoyo Yamaguchi, Ms.Hotaru Yamashita, Mr. Satoshi
Nomura, Ms.Shiori Kawaguchi, Chuo's Professor Shinohara research
Presentation 6:
"The three arrows of abenomics: A foreigner's perspective"
By Ms.Long Haiyan, NTU


After the presentations, students and faculty members participated in the reception held at the second floor of the Hilltop cafeteria building. Chuo’s Vice President and Director of International Center Chikako Takeishi gave a welcoming speech to the NTU students. Everyone cheerfully networked with each other and concluded the day.