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Australia Cross Border Exchange

On May 13, students gathered at G Square on Chuo’s Tama Campus to participate in the Cross Border Exchange skype session with those studying abroad at Chuo’s partner school, University of Western Australia.

The members at G Square connected with Hiroki Oshiyama, 3rd year Faculty of Policy Studies, who is now studying at University of Western Australia, showed the dorm rooms and answered questions from Tama. For Hiroki, UWA is well balanced with students from Asia and Europe. There seemed to be less number of lectures than there was at Chuo, however Hiroki’s focus was keeping up to the class in English. In the diverse environment, not all the people speak fluently. Hiroki learned that having communication skills is not only about knowing the language itself, but mostly about being motivated to understand each other.

In the next session “Australia Day!”, Chuo’s International Center gave an orientation for those interested in participating in the short and long-term exchange programs. Students who participated in these programs in the past, and exchange students from Australia who are currently studying at Chuo then gave speeches to share their experiences. 
Aya Horichi, 3rd year Faculty of Policy Studies, who studied at
Swinburne College
Sayaka Mihara, 2nd year Faculty of Economics, who studied at
Swinburne College
Ryosuke Kawaguchi, 4th year Faculty of Law, who studied at
Flinders University
Kyoka Fujiwara, 4th year Faculty of Law, who studied at
University of Adelaide
Stephanie Egidio, exchange student from
Flinders University
Kelvin Yeoh, exchange student from
University of Western Australia
Cheng Liao, exchange student from
University of Adelaide