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English law program with TU

Dean Narong Jaiharn from Chuo’s partner school, Thailand’s Thammasat University, visited Chuo’s Tama Campus on June 2 with TU delegates.
Chuo has signed an agreement with TU in 1985, and opened an overseas hub “Chuo-Thammasat Collaboration Center” at TU in December 2014, actively networking and exchanging programs.
From Chuo, Dean of Faculty of Law Yasuyo Nakajima, Dean of Graduate School of Law Makoto Arai, Professors of Law Hisashi Ushijima and Tatsuya Kitai, Professor of Graduate School of Law and Director of Institute of Comparative Law in Japan Yoshihide Ito, and Professor of Graduate School of Law and Executive Regent Masahiko Ohmura met with the visitors from Thammasat to discuss further possibilities of an exchange program focused on law in English.