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  • Happiness Equation for Workers ―From the Perspective of Compliance for Increasing Corporate Value―

    Happiness Equation for Workers ―From the Perspective of Compliance for Increasing Corporate Value―

    Shinichiro Toyama
    Member of Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association
    Professor, Chuo Law School
    Areas of Specialization: Corporate Compliance, Modern Contract Law, Tort and Compensation Law (traffic accidents, medical malpractice, nuclear accidents, etc.), Domestic Relations Case Procedure Act, Labor Law, Insolvency Proceeding Law, Financial Legal Affairs, Antitrust Law, Personal Information Protection Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Legal Economics


“THE LITERATURE OF MOUNT FUJI” available on the website

With the support of special funding from the Japanese Government’s Promotion of Global Human Resource Development Project, Chuo University has been developing teaching materials for major course subjects offered in foreign languages. A project team led by Professor Tomomi Yoshino of the Faculty of Letters compiled THE LITERATURE OF MT. FUJI: Japanese Classical Literature to assist with teaching classical Japanese literature in English, intending it as a useful text for introducing the characteristics, cultural, and nature of the Japanese people.
THE LITERATURE OF MT. FUJI: Japanese Classical Literature
■ Structure of the materials
For centuries, Mount Fuji has been depicted from many different perspectives in stories and poetry, and it has exerted a unique influence on Japanese culture in both religion and the arts. The materials introduce works of literature that represent Mount Fuji, divided into three categories: 1.) Mount Fuji: A Mountain Known to All; 2.) Mount Fuji in Pictures; and, 3.) Mount Fuji as Seen in Literature: Its Religious, Scenic, and Sentimental Connotations. Each work comes with a brief introduction that provides such information as the date of creation, an outline of the whole work, contents of the excerpted portion, and notable characteristics.

Publisher: Chuo University
Length: 169 pages
Date of issue: March 2017
Languages: English and Japanese

Download PDF (6.42MB)

(C)2017 Chuo University
This material is provided for educational use only.
Reproduction or appropriation of this material is prohibited.


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