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Gathering with Los Angeles Hakumon Kai

On May 29, Chuo faculty and staff attending the “2017 NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo”* in Los Angeles joined Chuo University Alumni, members of the “Los Angeles Hakumon Kai,” for a lively and informative evening of dinner and discussion.
Vice President and Director of the International Center (IC), Chikako Takeishi, Associate Director of the IC, Stephen Hesse, and several Chuo staff met with five Los Angeles Hakumon Kai members, including the chairman, Mr. Nakabayashi, in order to thank the Los Angeles alumni for their strong and enthusiastic support for Chuo activities.
Since 2008, the Los Angeles Hakumon Kai, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, has been hosting an annual “Company Visit Program” for Chuo students, under the auspices of the Chuo Career Center. With generous support from Chuo’s largest overseas Hakumon Kai, with over 60 members, this program allows Chuo students to visit companies and government agencies in the Los Angeles area where Chuo alumni are playing an active role. Beginning this year, the program will be offered for credit as part of the “Overseas Internship Program” in the Faculty of Economics.
“We expect Chuo University students to take every opportunity to study in society and throughout the world, not only on Chuo’s campuses,” said Mr. Nakabayashi, who eagerly encourages his juniors to study, learn and work abroad.
* NAFSA is a non-profit organization established in 1948 and based in the US, which promotes international exchange. The NAFSA Annual Conference is the world’s largest international education and exchange fair and is held in cooperation with such organizations as Japan Network for International Education (JAFSA), Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO), and Japan’s Top Global University Project. Each year Chuo University joins the NAFSA conference with numerous other Japanese universities and companies as part of a “Study in Japan” exchange and networking promotion effort. More than 9,700 people from over 100 countries took part in the 2017 NAFSA Conference.