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Lecture by the Ambassador of India to Japan, “Changing International Affairs and India-Japan Partnership”

Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy, Ambassador of India to JapanMr. Sujan R. Chinoy, Ambassador of India to Japan
Accepting an invitation from Professor Shuichiro Megata of the Chuo University Law Faculty, the Honorable Ambassador of India to Japan, Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy, gave a live talk to the students of Professor Megata’s course on Diplomacy and International Law. The Ambassador’s lecture, on July 6, came about as a result of a long and close friendship between Prof. Megata and Ambassador Chinoy that began when Prof. Megata served as the Japanese Ambassador to Mexico in Mexico City.
Ambassador Chinoy specializes in national security in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. He has been involved in efforts to consolidate peace and cooperation along the shared border between India and China, and has been a key negotiator of confidence-building measures with China, where he was posted for ten years.
In his lecture, entitled “Changing International Affairs and India-Japan Partnership,” Ambassador Chinoy offered observations and insights into how India has evaluated and responded to today’s rapidly changing international situation, helping students to develop a deeper understanding of national security issues in the Asian-Pacific region.
The Faculty of Law is committed to hosting lectures and special events aimed at developing globally aware individuals, as part of its efforts to “Go Global”. We hope you will join us.
Lecture by Ambassador Chinoy Lecture by Ambassador Chinoy
Ambassador Chinoy answering students’ questions (Professor Megata, front) Ambassador Chinoy answering students’ questions (Professor Megata, front)