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Farewell Party for Students Joining Los Angeles Hakumon Kai Overseas Internship Program

A farewell party was thrown at G Square, Tama Campus on July 22, for the six students from Chuo University who are to participate in the “Overseas Internship Program” hosted by Los Angeles Hakumon Kai, the program being offered for credit as of this year.

Attendees included the students, Professor Takada, Visiting Lecturer and in charge of the program, and a number of other faculty and staff members, including Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Professor Shinohara, as well as two alumni from LA Hakumon Kai coming all the way from LA. The party was filled with excitement throughout, as each of the students expressed their enthusiasm for joining the program. Faculty and staff members gave the students encouragement, and all the attendees sang the university song together at the end.

During the two-week program, starting from September 3, students are scheduled to visit as many as twenty-six companies and organizations, many of which are managed or served by an LA Hakumon Kai member. Students will be heading for LA after making some preparations, including company research.

It is expected that the six of the young Chuo students will take every opportunity to be successful in this global society, by gaining invaluable experience and coming into contact with their seniors, who are maintaining Chuo’s DNA in LA.