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Prof. Haga is Presented with the Shikata International Medal

With the Chairman of the Polarographic Society of Japan, Prof. Teruo Hinoue, after the ceremonyWith the Chairman of the Polarographic Society of Japan,
Prof. Teruo Hinoue, after the ceremony
Professor Masaaki Haga of Chuo University’s Department of Applied Chemistry in the Faculty of Science and Engineering was presented with the Shikata International Medal at the 63rd Polarography and Electroanalytical Chemistry Symposium, held in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi on November 20 and 21, 2017. He won the award for having explored the nano function of metallic complexes by an electrochemical technique and applied it to a nano device. He gave an award lecture on November 20.

He received the award for his achievements in developing a technique for designing and synthesizing a new functional complex, a technique for laminating and organizing it on the electrode surface, and in applying it to an electronic device. The award was given also in recognition of his achievements of having gained international attention, as well as of his longstanding contributions to the Polarographic Society of Japan.

Shikata International Medal was incorporated, commemorating the achievements of Professor Emeritus Masuzo Shikata of Kyoto University, who contributed to the development of polarography by co-developing the polarograph, an automatic recorder of voltage and current curves which uses a dropping mercury electrode, along with Czechoslovakian Professor Heyrovsky,  winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1959. The award has been presented to globally acclaimed researchers both within and outside Japan, who have accomplished distinguished achievements in an electrochemical measuring method, an electrochemical reaction, an electrochemical analysis method, and other electrochemical areas.