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    Classical Japanese Books with Potential

    Ryusei Matsunaga
    Graduate School of Letters of Chuo University and Research Fellow (DC1) of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    Area of Specialization: Japanese literature in early modern period


Chuo Graduates to Compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics

Chuo University is honored to be cheering on our graduates at the PheongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, starting on February 9th and the PheongChang 2018 Paralympics, starting on March 8th. Your support will be tremendously appreciated!
Name Year of Graduation Sport
Hideki Arai 1980, Faculty of Economics Cross-Country Skiing/ Biathlon,
Katsuhito Ebisawa 1995, Faculty of Commerce Cross-Country Skiing,
Kuniko Obinata 1996, Faculty of Law Head of the Japanese Paralympic Team
Keishin Yoshida 2009, Faculty of Law Cross-Country Skiing,