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University of Lampung Students Visit the Faculty of Economics

A total of 14 students and faculty members from University of Lampung, Indonesia, visited Chuo’s Tama Campus from April 24 to 26, 2018.

Faculty of Economics’ Professor Mitsuhiro Hayashi and students from Prof. Hayashi’s seminars in the Faculty of Economics, as well as from the FLP International Cooperation Program, cooperated during their visit.

Their visit to Chuo was part of their training in Japan, and the visitors engaged in a wide-ranging exchange, including an experience of Japanese culture, discussion with Japanese students on cultures of both countries, and participation in a class in the Faculty of Economics. It was an occasion to deepen exchange between both universities, by lively exchange of views in various fields, as well as by fruitful exchange of information, offering excellent opportunities for future cultural exchange between both universities.