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Lecture by the Ambassador of France to Japan, hosted by the Faculty of Law

Lecture given by H.E. Mr. Laurent Pic
The Honorable Ambassador of France to Japan, H.E. Mr. Laurent Pic, gave a lecture entitled "La diplomatie française et les relations franco-japonaises dans un monde en pleine mutation” (“French diplomacy and relationship between Japan and France in today’s turbulent world”), in the Faculty of Law, on June 7, 2018.

The Ambassador’s lecture came about as a result of a relationship between H.E. Mr. Pic, Professor Shuichiro Megata and Professor Maki Nishiumi of Chuo University’s Law Faculty, and was given to the students of Prof. Megata’s course on Diplomacy and International Law.

Prior to the lecture, H.E. Mr. Pic visited President Tadahiko Fukuhara, joining Chuo Faculty including Dean of the Faculty of Law Satoshi Hoshino and Prof. Megata, to engage in a friendly discussion.

H.E. Mr. Pic first outlined various factors and backgrounds of instability in the current world by region and issue, and then explained the current situation in which the influences of these factors have exceeded national boundaries, and that there is a fear that the rise of popularism and fake democracy might threaten the existing order. He expressed his opinion that Japan and France, which share common fundamental values, need to cooperate to tackle these issues by discussions and legal means.

The lecture was illustrated by many case studies, and attracted an audience that included not only students of Faculty of Law, but also students of other faculties, teachers, staff, and members of the general public. Indicative of the interest in the lecture was the fact that there was an audience of more than 300.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Ambassador for the lecture.
We also thank all participants for their interest and attending the lecture.

The Faculty of Law is committed to hosting lectures and special events aimed at sharing “Knowledge into Action” with society. We hope you will join us.
Discussion with President Tadahiko
Discussion held in a friendly atmosphere
Greeting from Professor Satoshi Hoshino,
Dean of the Faculty of Law
Many participants attending the lecture
After the lecture, H.E. Mr. Pic replying to the questions from exchange students from
France in a friendly fashion
H.E. Mr. Pic and President Fukuhara with
Chuo faculty and Embassy staff