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Partnership Agreement Concluded with Japan Airlines (JAL)

On June 14, 2018, representatives of Chuo University and Japan Airlines (JAL) signed a basic agreement on partnership between the two institutions at the Tama Campus. The agreement was concluded in order to contribute to the sustainable development of society and local communities as well as to the development of global human resources. Over the 130 years since its inception, Chuo has stayed true to its traditional philosophy of “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice” by pursuing its mission to nurture students to meet societal demands. The agreement with JAL is expected to promote cooperation to ensure educational opportunities for a business project course which trains students to solve real-world problems, and for collaborative research in the field of regional improvement both within and outside Japan by using ICT, as well as opportunities for promotion of sport and para-sport. Chuo and JAL will be mutually committed to fostering students highly capable of leading global community and contributing to the advancement of society.
In signing the agreement, Chuo and JAL affirmed their commitment to promote cooperation, utilizing the strengths of both institutions, and to discuss  the future prospects for their partnership.

1. Purpose of the Partnership Agreement
The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that human and intellectual resources are shared and utilized between the two institutions to contribute to the sustainable development of Japanese society and regions, as well as to develop highly educated global human resources, in the educational, research, and cultural fields.

2. Specific Activities
To facilitate mutual support in the pursuit of the development of education, research, and culture
To promote mutual exchange between students, faculty and staff, and employees
To support the development of human resources and the career planning process
To support international exchange
To make research results and activities of students, faculty and staff utilized in business operations
To contribute to the growth and revitalization of the community

JAL Homepage:
From left, Representative Director and Executive Vice
President of JAL, Tadashi Fujita and President of Chuo
University, Tadahiko Fukuhara
Group photo, including people involved in a business project course