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Deputy Chief of Mission of Indonesia offers lecture at Chuo

Deputy Chief of Mission of Indonesia, Mr. Mochamad Abas Ridwan, gave a special lecture to commemorate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan, in the Faculty of Policy Studies, to the students of Professor Hisanori Kato’s course, Sociocultural Theory in Southeast Asia, on July 18, 2018. Since the Honorable Ambassador of Indonesia to Japan, H.E. Mr. Arifin Tasrif, originally scheduled to deliver a lecture, was unable to attend due to another commitment, Mr. Ridwan took his place.
Mr. Ridwan and Prof. Kato, wearing an Indonesian Batik,
listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of
Prof. Kato and the Embassy of Indonesia have a long-standing friendship, since Prof. Kato became a Japanese representative to the Presidential Friends of Indonesia held in 2014, and communicated with Indonesia’s President and embassy officials. Students of Prof. Kato’s seminar gave a presentation on their research into Indonesia in front of H.E. Mr. Arifin Tasrif, at the Embassy of Indonesia on July 18, 2018. This special lecture was an outcome of this ongoing relationship between Prof. Kato and the Embassy of Indonesia.

The lecture opened with remarks by the Dean of the Faculty of Policy Studies, Prof. Kazumichi Tsutsumi. He gave special thanks to the Embassy of Indonesia, saying “Research by  Prof. Kato’s seminar receives high acclaim every year at Research Festa. Thanks to the embassy officials, students could gain valuable experience to deepen their research on Southeast Asia.”
Under the theme of “Indonesia – Japan Partnership: Thoughts on 60 Years and Beyond,” Mr. Ridwan looked back on the friendship and partnership established between both countries, and mentioned that “Both countries have been working together to strength a cooperative system in various fields such as community, culture, economy, and investment. It is expected that bidirectional exchange between Indonesia and Japan is to be encouraged with the goal of further development.”
Students asking questions in English or Indonesian
The lecture was given in English, where students were actively taking notes. Mr. Ridwan welcomed questions from the students, such as, “In the mixed-race nation of Indonesia, how do people respect others to achieve national unification?” “How do the publicly recognized six religions coexist in harmony?” and “How should we take action in order to improve the relationship between both countries?” There were a lot of questions raised reflecting the interests of the audience in Indonesia, and Mr. Ridwan respectfully replied to each question.
Social gathering with lunch
Following the lecture, a social gathering was held between Mr. Ridwan and students from Prof. Kato’s seminar. The gathering included a live performance by Mongo-Manga, a group of Indonesian traditional musical instrument musicians comprised of Chuo students, and the singing of Indonesia Pusaka, one of the most beloved songs in Indonesia, in both Indonesian and Japanese by all members of the Prof. Kato’s seminar, welcoming Mr. Ridwan and the Embassy staff.

After the gathering, Mr. Ridwan visited President Tadahiko Fukuhara, joining Chuo faculty including the Dean of the Faculty of Policy Studies, Prof. Tsutsumi and Prof. Kato, to engage in a friendly discussion.
Live performance by Mongo-Manga
Visit by Mr. Ridwan to President Fukuhara
Meeting at the President’s room
Deputy Chief of Mission of Indonesia, Mr. Mochamad Abas Ridwan and President Fukuhara
with Chuo faculty and Embassy staff