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Prof. Torii’s seminar of the Faculty of Economics visits Universiti Sains Malaysia and Tourism Malaysia

Seventeen students in Professor Nobuyoshi Torii’s seminar visited Penang, Malaysia, to engage in fieldwork for a week from August 6th, 2018. This was conducted as part of Global Field Studies (GFS), a global education program of the Faculty of Economics.
On August 7th, students were divided into four groups, and each group made a thirty-minute presentation on one of the following  four themes of “Medical tourism,” “Current status and outlook of Japanese companies in Malaysia,” “Islamic banking,” or “LCC passenger volume and challenges”, to professors of linguistics and students, followed by a question and answer period. Then at the USM Japanese Cultural Center, the Director gave a lecture related to the fieldwork themes. On August 8th, students made an official visit to Tourism Malaysia’s Penang office, to exchange opinions on each group’s theme, and conducted fieldwork mainly involving hearing survey in Penang, under the guidance of USM and Tourism Malaysia.