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  • What I Learned from Tora-san

    What I Learned from Tora-san

    Takeshi Usami
    Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University
    Areas of Specialization: Modern Japanese Literature and Modern Culture Studies


Prof. Takao Goto’s seminar in the Faculty of Economics visits Shanghai

Eleven students from Professor Takao Goto’s seminar visited Shanghai, to engage in seminar activities from September 8 to 11, 2018.

The purpose of the visit included the following: (1) touring the airport facilities and conducting an interview-based research to help understand how JAL’s business operates overseas, with the cooperation of JAL-Shanghai Pudong Airport, and (2) carrying out fieldwork in preparation for participation in presentation meetings on three research subjects: (a) management strategy of theme parks, (b) export situation of a rapid transit railway infrastructure, and (c) future prospects of a taxi service.

Despite the short stay, it was a great experience for students to think and act autonomously overseas.